Caribbean Blue Natural Spring Water aspires to be the #1 consumer choice in an emerging bottled water market. Providing a superior tasting natural spring water and producing a safer, eco-friendly and environmentally responsible product. Caribbean Blue aims to be the conscientious alternative to the expansive pollution challenges presented by plastic products.

When we built our company from the ground up, it began with the idea of a company that was built on a higher purpose. Unlike others we haven’t changed our principles, we’ve built it from the very beginning.

A company with an original focus, as prime as ours gives you confidence in knowing we strive for the very best for our beautiful planet. A clear conscience is deserved when you enjoy great tasting Caribbean Blue Natural Spring Water. We make Earth Day Everyday!


  1. Free of PET plastics that contain harmful by products in landfills.

  2. 100%Biodegradable and100%Recyclable

  3. No harmful BPA (Bisphenol A) in our bottles

  4. Full Sleeve labeling is attractive and stylish

  5. CARIBBEAN BLUE is a 100%GREEN product

  6. Reduces Carbon Footprint & Greenhouse Gases

  7. Does not affect quality or taste of contents

  8. Aseptic and suitable cold or hot

  9. Transparent & Lightweight

  10. 2yr Shelf Life

  11. Bottle sizes are 20oz. & 16.9 oz.