Inspired By The Caribbean!

Natural Spring Water

Spring Water that is captured and collected at the source. Our springs are carefully monitored on a regular basis.

Crisp Refreshing Taste

We make use of ozone in replacement of chlorine to keep the water free from residual taste and smell.

Our Promise

We strictly comply and aim to exceed all the state and the national health standards to ensure that our water is the most nourishing for your whole family.

Resell With Confidence

Quality and affordability of our water products….these are the greatest reasons why most business owners choose our products and services.


Retailers and Consumers worldwide have experienced the difference of Caribbean Blue Spring Water. Now we are introducing flavored spring water that is sure to qunch your thirst. Call Us today to find out how you can experience Caribbean Blue Natural Spring Water and all of our new flavored options.

Water Filtration Process through Mineral Rich Stone

Ideally located inside the heart of ‘Americas First Wilderness’, the rugged, rocky terrain of the Catskill Mountains and wild forests give way to Boreal’s premiere water spring.  

Lying deep inside thick, impermeable layers of prehistoric clay, the spring is naturally isolated from any possible surface drainage or run off. Exceptional geological and geographical factors have created the perfect environment for Boreal’s perfect water.

Tributary pools from the enormous surrounding area feed the main water source, locked in subterranean gathering shelves. Comprised of rock from the Precambrian Era, among the oldest on Earth at over 600 Million years, the crystalline shelves create a dense, natural filtration system. This unhurried 60 year process through mineral rich stone gives Boreal’s water its incomparable purity and superior taste. Boreal water’s in-ground temperature is 41°F which maintains its perfectly balanced mineral composition and creates its incredibly crisp structure.